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by Mike Shea on 12 May 2002

I spent a piece of the weekend messing with both my new Mike's Nuke Site and some Newsfeed stuff. Using XML SOAP that I stole, I was able to hack in a Google Search into the nuke site. I also built a new Liquidtheater Movie Headlines page that dynamically pulls together nine sources of headlines on one "front page" like view. It was fun to build and can be pretty useful. Part of this included hacking together a version of my page stripper to read headlines from Studio News, the site IMDB uses for movie news. I also stumbled onto a gem of great RSS syndication files called where you can pick up thousands of RSS files including some big guys like CNN. These can be hacked into pages by hand using the XML tools and Newsfeeds I have built or you can feed them into MyHeadlines for Nuke. I used the Javascript static newsfeed system to add headlines over on my friends page, iBAM!:::Kicking It Up a Notch!! probably the greatest web site ever seen except for EvRock.Com. Non computer geek, but geek none the less I've been having a great time reading Legacy of the Drow by R.A Salvatore. It turns out that he wrote the novelization of Star Wars Episode 2. It got panned on Slashdot, unfortunatly, but I think for the wrong reasons. Sure he describes fight scenes in painful detail, but my eyes just glaze over it and I enjoy the story none the less. Also got Ebert's The Great Movies which is a little snobby, but a good read. Fun reads for the five hour plane ride to Vegas coming up...

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