Opinion on war with Iraq

by Mike Shea on 26 February 2003

Imagine you are picked up for speeding and in arguing over the ticket, the cops take you into the station. They decide you look like a suspect from another crime and decide it's time for an interrogation, but instead of long hours with a bright light, they bring your daughter in and rape her in front of you. They haven't even decided if you are guilty or not, but they have the authority to use rape as a justifiable interrogation method and damn if they won't use it.

Sounds horrible, doesn't it. This is a legetimate method of interrogation used by officals in Iraq. Remember what happened when our president made the US government a punch line to a thousand jokes on every talk show for the better part of two years? Imagine having the son of your leader raping dozens of women in the public eye including a 12 year old girl and a pregnant woman. What does that do to the victims and what does it do to a country?

One of the thing that all these wacky newsfeeds has done is gotten me to think a lot about current events and in particular the conflict with Iraq. Before I start my pontification, understand that this is the views of a web-guy who would rather play 80 hours of Everquest than go out to a shopping mall. A few thing I have read, however, have given me an opinion.

I think Saddam Hussan and his dictatorship needs to be removed and replaced with a western democracy. Why should the US be the ones to do it? Because we can. We have the strength and the power to help this country taste a little bit of the wonders we have here. I like to bitch about censorship of movies and video games, but I don't have to fear for my family if something I say may be taken as criticism of the president. I don't have to worry that I may be punished with starvation, torture, or getting bombed with VX gas if my town happens to be democratic.

I think the country of Iraq is under the iron gauntlet of a power-hungry madman. I think even if he is removed, his heir may be even worse. I think an environment such as that breeds hatred for the west. I think it is the duty of those strong enough to protect those who cannot protect themselves. I think a war will be hard on everyone. Americans will die. Our economy will suffer. Other countries may look at us as warmongers. I think it is our duty to do what we can to make the world a better place.

Yes, this is just the stupid rant of a guy who probably only knows a tenth of the story. Yes, perhaps I am falling for propaganda. If even a small fraction of all the stories I have heard are true, something has to be done and we may be the only people willing to do it. Tomorrow I promise to get back to talk about MP3 players and video games.

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