Dear Kal-El,

All those things you can do, all those powers, and you could not save her.

You couldn't have known what you were about to do. It might have occurred to you if you had spent any time considering your father's words instead of living through the eyes of those who worshipped you. He would have known. He did know. He told you but you didn't listen. That is why he died with his wife in his arms on Krypton. He knew what would happen if he mettled. But you did not.

And here I am.

I couldn't understand it for a long time. I stood on a mountain six miles away. I saw you talking to her on the road. She was yelling. You were smiling. A rift in the earth would swallow the road in only minutes. It would have swallowed Lois with it but it did not.

It should have.

I could feel her in my arms. I saw the wreck of her body under her skin. I tasted dirt on her lips when I kissed her. She was dead and I died with her.

But that didn't happen. You meddled and she lived. You went back and I was born. Infinite universes exist and spawn every instant but no man, no being, sees more than one. Except me. I saw two.

I couldn't speak. I was like a child again. Everything was wrong. I couldn't fly. I couldn't even walk. I stayed in the mountains raving and hungry. I saw two worlds, both of them nightmares. I found myself again, slowly. I couldn't stand that ridiculous suit. I felt like a clown standing there in blue and red and yellow holding Lois's corpse in my arms. I burned it. Now I wear what they wear. I am not fit to wear it. I failed them. We failed them.

You failed them.

I watched you for a long time. I did nothing. When Zod and Ursa and Non came, I watched. They knew what I felt. I can't imagine their lives in the Zone but I can feel it inside me. I wasn't going to stop them. They deserved their revenge and I didn't care.

You did it again, then. You ignored your father's words and it nearly destroyed the planet. Your mother sacrificed herself for you this time. Gods help her. I can't imagine what your father would have thought of you. You were worse than human because you were as stupid and arrogant and lustful as they are but as dangerous as a sun on the verge of nova.

Luthor told me this. You should have seen his face when I met him and told him who I was. He didn't speak for thirty minutes. He touched my long hair, ran his hand over my beard and stared at my cowboy boots. When he did speak we spoke for a long time. He had as good an explanation as anyone. He helped explain my father's words and your betrayal. He made it clear what I had to do.

You probably didn't know the pain it caused when you used the crystal to regain the power of Krypton. I did. I had to sacrifice Zod to restore Ursa and Non. You can't imagine what it did to him. It was for the best, however. He never would have followed me. Even with their power restored, Ursa and Non knelt before me when they saw what I did to Zod.

They too wear the clothes of those you swore to protect. They walk the streets of London and Tokyo knowing that they could kill six million people in less than a week. They stayed silent, though. They suffered the humiliation of the lowest classes in human society. They suffer it willingly. They know what is about to happen. They knew what I know. They knew what Luthor told me. They know, as I do, what Luthor told you when two missiles burned across the United States aimed at two cities.

Even you cannot stop all three of us.

As you read these words it has already begun. Humanity will fall on three faces of the earth at the same time. You will feel as I felt when I held Lois's cold corpse and tasted death on her lips. You will feel it six billion times worse.

This time you will not stop it. If you try, you will only create another.

And that one may be even worse.

- Clark