2003 Hugo Awards

by Mike Shea on 5 September 2004

The 2003 Hugo awards are out. Lois McMaster Bujold's Paladin of Souls won the full-length book award and Neil Gaiman, author of Sandman, American Gods and Coraline won the short story award for a Cthulhu-based story called A Study in Emerald available in the Shadows Over Baker Street anthology.

Gaiman published the full story to his website. I formatted the HTML a little better and posted it here. You can copy and paste the text into any friendly text editor or RTF editor and print out a nicely formatted copy to carry around with you or archive in a box for 1000 years.

Neil Gaiman uses a Mac. Stephen King uses a Mac. If I buy a new iMac, I will write tales like the Gunslinger and Coraline. Where's my credit card?

I formatted and posted The Green Glass by Ellen Klages, another Hugo nominee short story. This one was originally available at Strange Horizons