Attack of the Clones

by Mike Shea on 18 May 2002

I saw yesterday, you can read all about my experience as well as find a lot of interesting links at my Star Wars Episode 2: article. The short? It's good.


R.A. Salvatore, long known to me through his great TSR - now Wizards of the Coast - books, was the author of the official novelization. It got a pretty bad review on Slashdot, but I don't think the author enjoyed what it is that the rest of us Salvadore fans enjoy. Great action and a fast pace. I've been reading the Dark Elf Legacy, a collection of four books based on Drizzt Do'Urden, probably the most famous dark elf character ever. It's a fast read and a great book. I am looking forward to this series as each of them come out.

RA Salvadore will be doing a signing in Washington DC in a couple of weeks, so I might run up to have a book signed by him.