Bill O'Reilly: "ACLU and the judges that side with them are terror allies."

by Mike Shea on 5 August 2005

"There is no question. The ACLU and the judges that side with them are terror allies."

Can no one stop this thug and the bullshit biased "news" station that protects him? What the hell is the matter with us?

Update: I would never ask for the government to get involved in crap like this. Even the ACLU would fight to protect O'Reilly's right to call the ACLU terror allies, but I wish our country was smart enough to stop watching a thug like this. It horrifies me to think that after a million years of evolution and thousands of years of social upbringing that humanity has now reached it's apex with Bill O'Reilly and the Dukes of Hazzard movie.

If space aliens ever come down to start harvesting us for food and slave labor, this is how the dialog would work:

Tentacled space alien: "We have come to harvest you for food and slave labor."

Earth-man: "No! We are a sentient species crawled out of primordial ooze. We have flowered into intelligent and beautiful creatures!"

Tentacled space alien: "You made and watched the Dukes of Hazzard movie and you think Bill O'Reilly is a news man."

Earth-man: "You're right. Where do we sign up?"