Bush, Everquest, Bad Toys, Disney, FCC

by Mike Shea on 11 February 2004

The rats are leaving the sinking ship. Is it me or is my blog sounding more and more like Michael Moore's? Vote against Bush and win the War on Terror. Watch the Daily Show and read The Onion for the best news coverage on the air. Life isn't as serious as you think.

Gates of Discord came out yesterday. It looks great and the beasts are really tough, but a two hour corpse recovery really turned me off. They should put better corpse recovery devices in. I will be picking up Champions of Norrath later today and playing it with my friend Gary.

It turns out that women over 40 are the real online gamers.

Next to Kaba Kick, this Bin Ladin vs USA video game is a second for worst toy idea.

The death-camps of Disney may be liberated by Comcast.

The FCC Ministry of Truth is attacking cable companies in their continuing campaign of thought control.

The government should not tell you what is and is not offensive to you. You choose what you want to watch. You choose what you want your children to watch. Entertainment should be between you and the entertainer you pay for. The government should have no say in what either of you choose or we may as well be watching non-stop right wing christian propaganda films all day. Write the FCC and tell them to get the hell out of your house, your family, and your head.