CSM on EQ, EQWire gets 1000 hits, Indiana Trip

by Mike Shea on 15 July 2003

I never expected this but the Christian Science Monitor has an excellent objective article about Everquest. Here's a quote:

In a way, role-playing may be a sort of rite of passage, a substitute for heroics in a culture that doesn't celebrate crossing the threshold to adulthood.

As hokey as it may sound, I have become a better person because of my time in Everquest. I am not defined by my culture, looks, race, sex, or subconscious attitude. I am who I wish to be. It has taught me more about myself. I've also picked up a hobby I never thought I would be that interested in, fictional writing.

My new website, EQWire.com is getting some respectable statistics. I've been advertising it quite a bit in community forums and on various official news sites. I worked out a few bugs and actually made my feeds from EZboard work better. Hopefully people find it as useful as I do. Could I build these pages for other subjects? Probably, but none hold my interest as much as this one so I don't see it happening anytime soon. This weekend I head to Indiana to visit old College friends, Mark, Gary, and Matt. Hopefully I'll see Brado, Toddo, and maybe even the Graber. It should be a most excellent time. All I need now is a sitter for my Tivo. The iPod is coming with me along with a good analog paperback, The Thousand Orcs.