Censorship on Moleskinerie

by Mike Shea on 11 March 2005

Moleskinerie posted a pinup picture the other day that got some of the elitist snobs uptight. Here's a copy of the post I made:

Michael Jackson's face on the front page of every US newspaper is pornography. It's meant to titillate. It shocks us and yet we cannot stop (well, I can) from reading the gruesome details.

This is a site about artwork. Artwork serves very many purposes and the titillating artwork of the 14th century hangs in museums all over the world today.

Armond is free to do what he wishes with this site. If he wishes not to offend the overly sensitive viewers who call a girl in her knickers "pornography", that is his choice. It's also his choice to show far far worse if he wishes. That is his freedom. No one can tell him what to do with his site.

We are surrounded with advertisement, TV shows, news reports, magazines, and newspapers that glorify sex and violence often at the same tim). Only in a world this fucked up is it ok to show a female US soldier holding a naked prisoner on a leash on the front page of USA Today but only if they censor his penis.

CNN is pornography. USA Today is pornography. Martha Stewart, Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, and Paris Hilton - pointless bullshit meant to sedate us, desensatize us, lie to us, and sell us food that will kill us before we're 50.

I am shocked and appalled every time I turn on network television. I am personally offended every time I see the front page of a newspaper. The last thing in the world I would worry about is a picture from 1950 of a girl with her legs exposed.