D&D Ravenloft Campaign, 4E Stuff, Hunting for a Puppy

by Mike Shea on 21 October 2007

I have two D&D games next week - two of them. Over the past couple of years I've gotten back into table top D&D in a big way. Now I have two ongoing playgroups, one that has been together for about four years and one that only recently just started. Our long-term 17th level campaign started to bog down a lot - 3rd edition has a tendency to do that at high levels - so I'm switching it to a level 6 Expedition to Ravenloft mini-campaign.

I wrote up some characters for the players including a warlock, warmage, favored soul, and crusader. I don't allow any of the traditional caster classes in these new campaigns since they end up being a lot more complex than they're worth. I want a fun and fast game, not one that requires constant referencing of the Player's Handbook.

The other campaign is a low level Eberron campaign with a Sword Sage, Binder, Warlock, Favored Soul, and Fighter. It's also a great time with anywhere from five to seven encounters in each four hour session. That's a lot better than the two to three I got in my higher level six hour sessions.

I've also written up some 4E-lite house rules that will get people used to the new 4th edition rules coming out in the middle of next year. The basic idea is to give people enough options to have fun in a battle but cut it down to as close to a single d20 die-roll as you can get.

Here are my house rules:

I recently saw a leaked release of the 4th edition D&D miniatures card. They're making some smart moves like turning reflex, will, and fortitude saves into static numbers like AC so instead of having the defender roll for saving throws, the attacker rolls a spell attack roll. This gets rid of touch ACs and makes the game a lot more consistent. I'm not likely to house rule this but I'll like it when it comes out.

Wizards is also releasing a 1st level 96 page hardback adventure called Keep on the Shadowfell with three double-sided miniature maps included. Assuming they use monsters released in the D&D miniatures set, they have a really good package here. This ties together everything that a DM would need to run the game. I'm a big fan of the Fantastic Location maps but they're too separated from D&D adventures or D&D miniatures to really tie everything together. They apparently didn't sell really well either.

Next summer is going to be a good one for D&D. I can't wait.

Shell and I also went to a no-kill shelter to look for a doggie. They had 200 dogs in a huge area surrounded by trails with trees and foxes and feral cats. We found a few we liked and put an application down on Wagner. Such a sweet guy.