D&D and Other Things That Have My Interest

by Mike Shea on 1 November 2006

I'm spending a lot of time on general D&D stuff including building a quick-play template for PC Gen for the NPCs in my campaign. I built the template around the most excellent quick-play characters mentioned in the D&D articles: Dungeon Delve 1 and 2.

I bought a Great Red Wyrm "miniature". I put miniature in quotes because its far from mini. It's as big as my cat. I also wrote up a killer NPC sheet for it that should turn any party to ash in about four rounds (tip: time stop + dragon breath + full attack = bad news).

I bought the Eberron Campaign Sourcebook. It has a lot of cool stuff in it but I don't know that I'll play a campaign there.

I'm likely buying Neverwinter Nights 2 this weekend. I liked the old one but I worry that it's trying to be too many things and will do none of them as well as World of Warcraft.

I've joined Vinceremo, a raiding guild in Everquest and now spend about six nights a week on varous guild activities. My character's power increased about 30% in the past month due to the level increase to 75 and the new gear. I'm having a lot of fun but I can't help but think that the game is much more of a "game" now than it is the "world" it used to be five years ago. I pontificated about this on Mobhunter.

I'm listening to a whole pile of podcasts instead of listening to the radio. The Wizards of the Coast, Everquest, and Diggnation are all great.

I'm still reading George Martin's Storm of Swords. It's great. I also picked up Neil Gaiman's Fragile Things. I've only read the story I read last year, A Study in Emerald (5 meg PDF), but it's great.

There's a wonderful Halloween story called "The Great Old Pumpkin" that I discovered a couple of years ago. It's a little late for a Halloween story but give it a read anyway.

Michelle and I are watching the entire new Battlestar Galactica DVD series. We both love it and it's great to see it through her eyes.

I finished Jon and Celenda, my own version of Hitchcock's "Notorious". I have no idea when I will get around to typing it up or when I will start writing another story. I missed National Novel Writing Month already. There's no way I can write a book, work full time, and play EQ six nights a week.