Duel screen Gameboy, Applauding the Continuing Fear in America, RSS on My Yahoo

by Mike Shea on 21 January 2004

Nintendo has announced their development of a Duel screen Gameboy. It sounds like a good evolution for the portable market. I know I would love multi-monitor support for desktop games like Everquest. Game Girl Advance had a good editorial on the duel-screen Gameboy.

I don't really play my own Gameboy Advance as much as I would like, but that seems to be the story of my life. I don't do ANYTHING I enjoy as much as I would like. It's all about prioritization and spending time where it matters the most. Right now that's reading and writing. Oh, and Everquest. Lots and lots of Everquest.

Everyone is talking about the applause after George Bush mentioned (1.4 meg .avi) the cutoff dates for the Patriot Act but it was the huge applause after "The terrorist theat will not expire on that schedule" that got my interest. Are they applauding the fact that the US will remain under a blanket of terror? Are they happy that the American people will continue to live in fear and thus sit idly by while our civil rights are mashed into pulp? It sure sounds like it.

Who is this smarmy Tom Delay anyway? His "stupid liberals" grin while he applauded the continuing terror to America scares the hell out of me.

Yahoo has added RSS to their MyYahoo page. You can Add RSS channels or OPML channel lists directly. To add all of Mike Shea's newsfeeds, in order to keep up with every bit of writing I might possibly write, cut and paste http://mikeshea.net/mikes_opml.xml into your RSS subscription list. This is almost better than Bloglines.