EQOA Expansion, Xbox Live Pricing, Extreme Elimination

by Mike Shea on 7 May 2003

Looks like there is already an expansion for Everquest Online Adventures in the works. While the idea of a MMORPG console game really excites me, without voice support it is just too hard to play on a couch.

Looks like Micro$oft didn't listen to my advise. They are hiking up the cost of Xbox Live instead of making it free. Now I have to pay $7 a month in order to pay $13 a month to play Phantasy Star. This is a crime.

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge is probably the best unknown show I've seen. Japanese game contestants dressed up like the Power Rangers get knocked into vats of mud by giant pink dolphins. Tivo it today!

The Playstation 2 may be going the direction of the "media center" with Madcatz Audio Video software for PS2. The thing of note to me was the inclusion of HDTV compatibility. More resolution = better.