Enter the Matrix 1080i High Def!

by Mike Shea on 11 May 2003

As if I didn't have enough to smile about with Matrix Reloaded coming out on Thursday, it would appear that the same day the Xbox version of Enter the Matrix will be coming out. A posting on the AVS Forum confirms that Enter the Matrix on Xbox will be in both 1080i and 720p HD resolution. This is the first buyable game that I have seen with HDTV resolution.

I've been playing a lot of Halo on my Xbox with the HDTV to VGA adapter so the game's been running at 640 by 480 progressive on my Sony G520 21" high resolution monitor. It is beautiful. Probably the biggest mistake Microsoft made was not including VGA output with the Xbox. This is the clearest picture you can get from an Xbox and everyone has an old monitor laying around. True home arcade gaming.

More Xbox bits of interest. It looks like there is a big play for Doom 3 to be an Xbox exclusive. Given John Carmacks comments about the Xbox being the only game system to be able to do it justice, this might be the first Id / MS love affair since Carmack bashed over Direct 3D.

Heard mention of a massive online action / adventure game for Xbox Live called Citizen Zero, a very cool name. Hot graphics and a game that plays like Deus Ex but in a huge fully populated world. Also heard that Magic the Gathering is coming to Xbox with action elements whatever that means for a card game.