Everquest Planes of Power is

by Mike Shea on 9 September 2002

Everquest Planes of Power is but a short month away. While I still log a fair amount of time in - just broke 200 days - I can't help but feel that a change is needed. The Cleric class got a huge boost last week with a new hammer and a powerful melee buff that actually lets us stand toe to toe against some of those nasty beasts we'd normally be running from. I actually stood and battled a horrible Shimmering Rock Fiend until it almost fell. I was reminded of Neo's stand against the agent on the subway platform in the Matrix.The Planes of Power website has some great fiction leading up to the opening of this new expansion. They also have some wonderful screenshots and windows backgrounds. I found the image of Contemplation (1024x768 jpg) to be particularly relaxing. It's going to be a great expansion.When taking a break from the daily EQ time, I've found myself playing a bit of Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It's a great game and does great honor to the 15 year series of Wolfenstein games. I can't help but remember the monocrome stick-figure wolfenstein and compare it to the flamethrower weilding nazi version we have today. Who knows what we'll see in the next 15 years. All I know is I can't wait...I will never understand the poor souls who play this game non-stop but do nothing but complain. If you really don't like the game that much, why play?