Excellent Matrix Reloaded review

by Mike Shea on 21 May 2003

This Matrix Reloaded review is probably one of the best looks at the movie I've seen. Do not read it if you haven't seen the movie yet. It made so much sense that I skipped the "things to be wrapped up in the third movie" in case he's right. I want to be surprised.

It would appear that the Playstation 2 is the single platform to beat. A recent financial report by Nintendo shows a 37 percent drop in profits due to the Playstation 2's popularity.

What can Sony do to make the Playstation 2 the best game system of all time?Bundle in their network adapter for a total $200 pricetag. Include built in voice support with a headset for network play. Support 16x9 aspect ratios and 480 progressive resolution. Support Dolby Digital in-game