Gencon and 4th Edition D&D

by Mike Shea on 15 August 2007

Shell and I head over to Indiana tomorrow to Gencon, a huge gamer conference. There are already a lot of rumors and some clues that Wizards of the Coast is going to announce Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition.

There is a lot of emotion, both good and bad, surrounding the topic of 4th edition. Folks like me want a new clean system that simplifies a lot of complexities and continues to improve the game. We've already seen some of what we might expect in a new D20 version of Star Wars called the Star Wars Saga Edition.

I will be "liveblogging" from Gencon using my trusty iPhone and Jaiku, a very simple mobile blogging application. Any photos or news will show up automatically and the site can be read with a feed reader. Visit Mike's Jaiku Mobile Blog often and subscribe with Google Reader.