Gibson's Playstation 3, Writings, The Journals of Loral

by Mike Shea on 11 May 2004

This guy's been smoking too many pages out of Neuromancer:

  From these nuts and bolts, Chatani then launched into some rather grand predictions for the future of Sony's game console efforts. Movies, games, and other entertainment, he said, will eventually share a common delivery medium, reaching the user through a network created by numerous broadband-connected Cell-powered consoles. He called this network the "Cyber World," claiming that users will one day "jack in" and "seamlessly navigate" a networked virtual world acquiring whatever entertainment they choose to look for.

There are <a href="">some pics</a> of Sony's portable Playstation 2 called the PSP. It looks slick.

I wrote two new articles on Mobhunter: <a href="">The End May Be Nigh Someday!</a> and <a href="">Whispers of War</a>. Yes, its hard to come up with such creative names. There's a lot of negativitiy in EQ these days, mostly coming from people who <a href="">don't know why they play</a>.

I finished reading <a href="">Eats, Shoots, and Leaves</a>, a great book about punctuation that sold very well in Great Britian. I plan to write a review for <a href="">Moleskinerie</a>.

I started up my Everquest journal project after taking a few months off. Knowing that the game won't last forever, I wanted to write a first-person journal of Loral's adventures that has the potential to last five hundred years. These journals - there are four of them so far - are a bridge between the fantasy of Everquest and reality. They record the memories of Loral but exist in the real world. Its sort of fun to ponder this. I'm writing them on <a href="">Moleskine sketchbooks</a> with a <a href="">Waterman Phileas</a> loaded with <a href="">Pilot G2 .7mm ink</a>.