Good Season for Consoles

by Mike Shea on 27 October 2004

It's a good season for console gaming this year. While online play hasn't shown much improvement; you still need to pay for nothing to play Xbox Live and the PS2 has little in the way of good online play; some excellent single player games are coming out.

I'm playing Fable for Xbox now. Its a very strong single-player role playing game with a lot of customization, excellent graphics, a good story, great gameplay, and most importantly a short life span. I don't have time to play a game for 100 hours any more. I want to be done in 10 to 12.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andraes got released yesterday. I haven't put my hands on it yet but Metacritic gave it a 98 already. This will probably be the best console game this year and perhaps ever. GTA: Vice City certainly was the best console game before this one came out.

Halo 2 also comes out in a couple of weeks. I heard little about it but if it's anything like the first it will be a fine game.

Consoles are still the future of gaming.