Hillary Clinton - Enemy of Free Speech

by Mike Shea on 30 March 2005

Looks like I'm voting republican in 2008. This article in the Australian has some very alarming statements:

"NEW YORK: Violent video games such as Grand Theft Auto, in which players peddle drugs and steal cars to become top gangster, have been condemned by Hillary Clinton as a 'major threat' to morality.

'Children are playing a game that encourages them to have sex with prostitutes and then murder them,' the US senator and former first lady said.

'This is a silent epidemic of media desensitisation that teaches kids it's OK to diss people because they are a woman, they're a different colour or they're from a different place.'

Senator Clinton, who is expected to seek the Democrats' presidential nomination in 2008, has teamed up with two arch-conservative Republican senators, Rick Santorum and Sam Brownback.

They want President George W. Bush and Congress to launch a $US90 million ($116 million) investigation of the impact of electronic media on children's 'cognitive, social, emotional and physical development'."

I normally avoid any topics and issues around the attack on video game violence, but when a presidential nominee wants to destroy free speech, it's important that we act now.