Hulk = teh suck, New $19 games for PS2

by Mike Shea on 23 June 2003

I saw The Hulk yesterday afternoon and was pretty disappointed. Like Gone in 60 Seconds failing to have a car stolen (aside from the opener) for over an hour, you don't actually see the hulk until you're an hour into the film. There was no simple plotline, no story that made any real sense. The special effects were better than I expected, but giant mutant poodles? You must be joking. Unlike X-men 2, which had an excellent hard core comic book plotline that reminded me of the best graphic novels, the Hulk was a pile of boring green goo. Give it a miss and go see Matrix Reloaded again.

I picked up three new games for my newly revitalized PS2 fascination. I picked up Devil May Cry, Shinobi, and Virtua Fighter 4. All three cost me just over $60, quite a deal. Two of these games made Metacritic's top 15. If you are new to console gaming, pick up Grand Theft Auto, Vice City and SSX Tricky as well. You'd have yourself a hell of a good console gaming collection.

As an NTSC-based game system, the Playstation 2 is probably the best gaming system on the market. While the Xbox is technically superior, I cannot help but feel that the Playstation 2 is a cleaner system with a lot better games. Halo and perhaps Mech Assault are the exceptions. With the prices for hardware ($180) and games ($20) as low as they are, there is no reason not to pick up both.