I've started a pack of

by Mike Shea on 7 July 2002

all my new Neverwinter Nights modules all in one handy zip. This way, as I create and modify the modules, they can all be downloaded from the same URL.

Right now there are two modules. One is The Thousand Orcs, mentioned below, where the party member(s) can go do battle with a whole lot of orcs. It is tailored more for levels 9 to 11. The second module, The Hall of the Lich Kings, is based on a piece of artwork by Keith Parkinson, a great fantasy artist. This is more of a powergamer module where the party does battle with half a dozen liches in a big tomb. Both are pretty hack and slash with hardly any plot and no real ending. They're also pretty powergamerish with a lot of pretty powerful loot. Still it is fun. Took me forever to figure out how to get mobs to pre-buff themselves, but now I think I have it. The last lich should be just about unbeatable.

So here is Mike's Neverwinter Nights Modules Pack.