Just when you may have

by Mike Shea on 26 July 2002

thought Everquest was getting boring they release a new user interface and a new bazaar system. The user interface (here's a ui screenshot) is excellent offering a lot of customization via XML. Without a lot of work I was able to hack together some nice modifications. The bazaar let me sell quite a bit of my old gear while at work. Both are excellent improvements and show that the game is far from dead. Last night they announced that over 100,000 people were logged into EQ at one time.

I am on the last set of missions for Warcraft 3. The Night Elves are very entertaining.I downloaded, installed and played the new Magic the Gathering Online game. If you ever played the traditional Magic card game and play a lot of freecell over the web you may consider it. Instead of playing for the software you buy virtual decks of cards ($10 for 75 cards). You can cash in and get hardcopy versions of the cards, but being able to join leagues of 75 people online has more advantages than RL if you ask me. I spent about $18 for the "free" account and some cards to join a league. More to come...My review of Doctor Zhivago is up on Liquidtheater.com. Some classic movies get a much harder rep than they deserve.