Legacy of the Drow

by Mike Shea on 8 June 2002

Finished reading and started The Silent Blade. All excellent books, but I can't seem to hammer through them like my man, Bonez, who finished the first trilogy in about a week. I also found out that Salvatore is starting a new series called the Hunters Blade trilogy, starting with The Thousand Orcs. If anything, it has a great cover. All these fantasy novels got me thinking about my fond D&D (official) days. The third edition has some really good stuff in it, but it isn't easy to find or get into a group in the area. My hope is that Neverwinter Nights (official site) will take pen and paper home, but after trying out the Dungeon Masters development kit, it isn't near as easy as imagining a world and writing some notes on paper. Tough stuff. There's at least three new reviews each week on Liquidtheater.Com, go read them.