Lysenkoism, Angle Grinder Man, Zero Tolerence, Bush's Fake News

by Mike Shea on 17 March 2004

There is an interesting write up of an address given by science fiction author, Bruce Sterling. He uses the term "Lysenkoism" which I had never heard. It refers to a "scientist" during the Lenin / Stalin years in USSR that based his theories on government ideology instead of scientific fact in order to add scientific backing to the government's propaganda. Those that disagreed with it lost their jobs and many were sent to the gulags and became one of the fifty million Russians killed by that government.

Later in his article he talks about SARS and Bird Flu being "spooky" and mentions that something like this will kill millions of old people. He seems to forget that according to the Mike Shea Threat Matrix its not even something to discuss.

I'm tired of talking about the FCC. Like government representatives like Joe Leiberman, commercial governments like the MPAA and RIAA, and retail governments like Walmart, the FCC is a minority who controls what we see and what we hear and thus controls what we think. Instead of writing them on a blog that only fascists read, I want to do something about it. So here is the question. What can I do to help remove them from power?

There are real super heroes in our world. Meet Angle Grinder Man who rescues the citizens of London from the fascist oppressors who boot their cars or record their speeding violations by severing off the iron gauntlet of fascism with his Angle Grinder!

I read my favorite quote of the day today. This comes from an article on a child who was suspended because dogs smelled drugs on him, even though he didn't have any. Here's the quote:

"There's sometimes mitigating circumstances that will support the principal's decision to not go strictly by the zero tolerance rule," -- Dr. Freddie Gilyard, Jenkins High School, Savannah Georgia

That doesn't sound like zero tolerance to me! Zero tolerance policies are bullshit. There are always circumstances that should factor into any situation. That is why we have courts and judges and juries. Nothing is so clear cut that we shouldn't at least look into the individual circumstances before punishment. Schools get away with murder when it comes to civil rights. Kids are suspended for having GI-Joe figures. It is out of control. If you are a parent, find out what the policies of your school are and if they don't make sense, fight them.

Think we won't be living in Orwell's Oceania? The Bush Administration built propaganda videos and passed them off as news coverage of their questionable Medicare bill. I don't know anything about the bill but I don't like being lied to either. I heard this first on the Daily Show.