MPAA leader's comments need an R rating

by Mike Shea on 4 November 2004

Here's a quote from the Dan Glickman, insane head of the MPAA: (Yes, I removed the "Republican friendly" part but it still hasn't prevented Vic from being a neo-nazi fascist. It also didn't make his page update any faster. - ed)

"See, the way it works is we dangle the carrot, then when a file-sharer reaches for the it, we wiggle the stick so they know what we're packing, We ask them, 'Are you sure you want to do that? Didn't you see the stick?' And if they insist on going for the carrot, we beat them to death with the stick, you know, just until we can see a little brain through the skull. That's why you need the stick and the carrot both. It's really hard to kill someone with a carrot."