Megacorps rule America

by Mike Shea on 21 July 2003

The megacorps rule America. Cable companies, satellite providers, media empires, those that control data and those that control the transfer of this data rule our world with a tyranny not seen since the middle ages.

The RIAA is working to make it illegal to own file sharing software, regardless of how it is used. Satellite companies extort thousands of dollars from citizens with no proof of illegal use. Bills are proposed that would allow arrest and conviction without the burden of proof.

This Just In: In Thailand, the government has restricted online play to daytime hours only in an attempt to curb the entertainment of its people. With knee-jerk articles of online game addiction written by housewives with far more problems than a game could create, can America be far behind?

And we grow up too fat and too docile to do anything about it. Let me be the first to speak our generations new tag-line. Mooooooo.