Mexico a major disappointment, New Newsfeeds, Wired on Wireless Gaming

by Mike Shea on 15 September 2003

I don't have the heart to write much about this, but Once Upon a Time in Mexico was a major disappointment. A bloated script with more twists and turns than Gone with the Wind and characters with no motivations moving without clear purpose in every scene. The action was good, the style was good. The story sucked. I don't know what anybody in the movie was after, I don't know why they did what they did. All of the silent menace in Desperado was gone. All of the simplicity of Desperado is gone. Much of the style is gone. Rodregez really dropped the ball on this one. Mexico is a major disappointment. I am heart-broken.

I have redone Mike's newsfeeds with a new Feedlist. These new feeds have more friendly URLs like "eqwire.html" instead of "58.html" and use a new non-DIV non-class style of HTML that is more symantically correct. I've also put in better support for RSS into my newsfeed tools. The HTML feeds just use H2s, ULs, and LIs. Use stylesheets to format them the way you want. All of my pages use these new feeds instead of the older ones. Support for the older ones may go away soon.

Wired has an article on cellular gaming. There isn't much of real interest except that all the big players, AT&T, Sprint, Nokia, Sony and Microsoft understand that portable cellular gaming is the future. It's time to start seeing the hardware, software, and networks come out for the right price. While the N-gage is an exciting theory, the reviews have been less than positive.