Mike's News Briefs

by Mike Shea on 18 April 2003

Here are some interesting things I've been reading about:

RSS 2.0 is getting a lot of interesting exposure. I've upgraded my own site to support a MikeShea.Net RSS 2.0 feed and even built an RSS 2.0 parser that includes links to the internal content. Here's an post-parsed RSS 2.0 example.

Wired had an article on John Carmack and Doom 3. He's still a personal hero of mine, and probably personally responsible for the focus of 3D model-based gaming we have today.

I posted my personal list of Great Movies. Print it out and start walking down the list.

There's a good article by Mark Pilgrem on XHTML 2.0. Some interesting things in there like the L tag for lines and the nl tag for navigational links. Widespread support will be weak because of a lack of backward compatibility and limited application use

I bought a Onkyo TX-SR 500 Receiver for my desk system and a Hsu VT-2 Subwoofer for my main system. I'll be moving my Energy subwoofer over to my desk system and put the Hus sub in my screening room. A digital camera may be the end of this new buying streak.

Phantasy Star Online for Xbox has been released. I'd love to give it a shot but I really don't have the time. Still, a multiplayer RPG with voice support is a good way closer to my Ideal Gaming Environment. Does it compete with Everquest? Sure, but competition is always good.