Mike's Top News

by Mike Shea on 11 December 2003

For a few months now I have maintained a hand-written RSS news syndication feed called "". This feed represents the interesting news articles I have found and read and think others should read. Rather than adding constant "new interesting bullshit" links to my blog articles, this one feed keeps the articles that I think matter the most for others.

The RSS feed can be found at http://mikeshea.net/topnews.xml or can be rendered directly in HTML at http://mikeshea.net/newsfeeds/mikes_top_news.html. You can add this directly to your own HTML page by adding the following markup to your HTML page where you would like the feed to appear: <script src="http://mikeshea.net/newsfeeds/mikes_top_news.js"></script> This renders like this:

I usually add a new article once a week or so so it doesn't change very often.