Moleskine Killer?

by Mike Shea on 14 January 2005

Here's a thank-you note I sent to Renaissance Art on my new purchase of a 216 page Large Leather Journal from their fine establishment. Just check out the craftsmanship.

No, it won't kill my Moleskines. The price is acceptable for a single journal but I pour through Moleskines like water. I can't afford more than about $10 a journal for my daily notes and stories.

But for special projects, this journal is the best I've ever seen. Here's the gushing note:

I just wanted to send a note of great satisfaction with my new large leather journal. From the moment I tore open the carefully folded paper, read the handwritten thank-you note, and saw the gift pouch, I knew this wasn't like any other journal I ever purchased.

When the brown paper fell away, I felt like held an artifact from another world and another age. I am very happy with my decision to add the Chenille Gift Pouch. It added the perfect accent onto such a marvelous journal. No journal should come without one.

The journal itself reveals excellent craftsmanship and high quality in each detail. The paper nearly intimidates me into silence. What words can I possibly write that would do justice to such a fine notebook? What message do I have to say that deserves such a medium. I am sure, someday, I will find those words. In the mean time, I shall hold it close and dream of ages centuries before cell-phones and traffic jams.

Thank you for your excellent service, personal care, and excellent quality. I plan to recommend these journals to anyone who desires such a great piece of artwork.

If you would, please send my note to those involved in the creation and sale of this great item. It made my day.

A very satisfied customer,

Mike Shea