More Matrix, More newsfeeds

by Mike Shea on 16 May 2003

Saw Matrix Reloaded last night. I definitely need to see it again to see how much I like it. It is an excellent movie, if it can even be called that. Our society is so wrapped around it, that it almost feels like something more than that. There are about three scenes I thought had no place including the scene in the french resteraunt, the dance club at zion scene, and the fight scene with the guardian of the oracle. I just thought none of them really added to the overall movie. The action is amazing and the story twists and turns leaving you standing on your head at the end. I can't wait until November.

Even though I still hate Enter the Matrix, I am still giving it a fair shot. Sometimes it doesn't quite suck as bad as I thought, I actually liked fighting an agent for the first time, but overall my original points still stand. I'll play through it, even if I resort to cheating, but anyone who says this is a good game when Max Payne and Halo are out there too is lying. Its not that good.