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by Mike Shea on 31 January 2005

Here's a note I sent to the creator of the great Noodler's Ink:

I received my first two bottles of Noodler's Ink and I love the stuff. Not only did it survive my battery of tests but it writes better than any other ink I've ever tried. It turned my Waterman Expert 2 from a horror to a joy with which to write.

I wrote a full review of it over at:

and that got quoted over at Moleskinerie:

I know its sort of marketing BS, but have you considered adding an "archival quality" label to your inks? I was suckered into more than a couple of purchases because of that "archival quality" label; it might serve you well.

The work you do helps us record our lives so that thousands of generations can remember what we lived for. I can think of few more noble professions or inventions.

Thank you,

Mike Shea

Here is his reply:

Dear Mike,

People such as yourself are exactly the people I wanted to serve by starting an ink company. When nearly every new grade of paper at a local Office Max store feathered with the fountain pen inks then available - I believed the fountain pen as a writing instrument was being abandoned by existing ink companies. They were going to let it die as just another buggy whip/archaic remnant of the past. In reality, only the fountain pen is capable of serving the user in such vastly different utilities as arctic ink, near infinite color variation, the most permanent ink available, bleach proof and UV light proof ink, waterproof yet water based....etc...etc...ALL IN A SINGLE PEN. A ball pen REQUIRES a new unit, as does a roller ball, as does a gel pen....felt tip, etc....and they can't function in as many environments nor on as many paper grades - nor with as high a bar for fraud resistance. The fountain pen does it all - just one single pen - and can last long enough for the owner's grandchildren to inherit it. It just needs the ink...the rest is amply handled by the best writing instrument design in thousands of years.

I'm getting more moleskin because of you! Thanks!

Best, Nathan

Founder, Noodler's Ink, L.L.C.

Another Moleskine convert!Even more:

Here is some more info - feel free to post this - as the "Eternal" and "Contract" inks are the only waterproof and UV light proof colored water based fountain pen inks in the world.

Best, Nathan

Here is the text:

Here is a general info list of Noodler's Inks and their properties: