My Letter to the RIAA

by Mike Shea on 28 August 2004

Here is a note I sent to, the only email address available to send comments to the RIAA.

Since the RIAA website has no way for me to contact the RIAA on any other matters than the website, I am forced to send this to you. I read this today on Ars Techica:

"A spokesman for the Recording Industry Association of America said his organization had not reviewed the software, but said that in principle it was disturbed by the idea. "We remain concerned about any devices or software that permit listeners to transform a broadcast into a music library," RIAA spokesman Jonathan Lamy said."

Like those pesky "audio casettes"? Come on. Grow up. Offer a better product. Offer a simpler product. Stop hindering technology because of fear. Start working with your customers instead of against them. Offer me a better, easier, cheaper product and I will always come to you. Keep threatening me and offering me 20 year old over-priced technology and I will go get it where I can - legal or not.