One-Time Pad Generator for Moleskines

by Mike Shea on 22 May 2006

Since reading Cryptonomicon, I have been fascinated with cryptography in World War 2. It took little time until I began reading all about one-time pads, a theoretically uncrackable pencil-and-paper encryption method used since the early 20th century and throughout World War 2 and the Cold War.

Tonight I wrote a web page that contains everything one needs to generate and print a small book of 16 one-time sheets that are small enough to store in the back of a Moleskine. Use these sheets to share secret messages with your friends or to encode secret messages in your favorite little black book.

Visit the One-Time Pad Generator for the template, the generator, and instructions on creating and using your own impervious Moleskine-friendly cryptography system.