Pioneer self-tuning receiver

by Mike Shea on 1 April 2003

I found out from a post on Home Theater Forum that there is a Pioneer receiver with a self-tuning feature. The Pioneer VSX-D912K Receiver has DD-EX, DTS-ES, 6 x 110watt amps, and MCACC (Multi-channel Acoustic Calibration) which automatically detects level and timings on your speakers with a microphone built into the remote.

The next best thing would be a receiver with built in equalization that can actually send a warble from 20khz to 20hz and equalize the sound of your entire system. This is quite a bit far away, however, so I think we will have to make due with the self tuning one. At $400 for the features mentioned above, the Pioneer VSX-D912K sounds like a steal.