Politics and Computer News

by Mike Shea on 24 June 2004

Dick Cheney told Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy to Fuck himeslf. That's not very Christian.

Republican lawmakers are trying to outlaw Xerox machines and tape recorders with a law they don't understand themselves.

Fascist conservative groups are attempting to censor Michael Moore's Farenheit 9-11. Propaganda or not, Moore has a right to voice his opinion.

I wrote a short story called Recruitment that made it into this month's Everquest newsletter.

I've had a hardware flu-bug for the last few days. I haven't lost my credit card yet but I liked the look of this Alienware P4 3.6EE / X800 XT system and this NEC / Mits 20" viewable monitor with 2048x1536 @ 86Hz. That's 3.14 million pixels. Most LCDs offer only 1.31 million with the $2000 ones like the Apple 24" monitor offering 2.3 million. Long live CRT!

Both ATI and Nvidia are at it again with all new video cards that run about $600 and do little to improve the games you already play. The Nvidia Geforce 6800 and the Radeon X800 XT are super powerful but about two years ahead of their time. Only now am I seeing a reward for my $400 Radeon 9700 Pro investment. I can play EQ at 1856 x 1392 with hardly any framerate loss.

I built a Shuttle-based PC for my mom in February and I've loved them ever since. You can buy Shuttle PCs direct or build your own at a place like Mwave or Newegg.

I like the looks of those new Athalon 64 MX53 processors but I trust the Intel 3.4ghz Extreme Edition processors to run faster without the instability.