Poster Hangers

by Mike Shea on 18 June 2003

Hanging a poster is a pain in the ass. There are no standard frames at 27 inch by 40 inch and many ready-made frames are too big. Professional framing runs up to $100 a poster and you cannot switch them out.

After tons of googling, I finally found They sell two aluminum rods that attach to the top and bottom of your poster with a single hole and a nail included to hang it. There is no glass or backing, but for typical $20 posters, its a great solution. Each one runs about $20 after shipping. I ordered mine on Sunday and had them on the wall by Wednesday night.

One complaint I have was that they were a little loose after they attached, but two small pieces of cardboard stuck in the back tightened them up. Another complaint is that they are about 28" on 26" posters so they are a little oversized. Even with these two minor problems, they are well worth the cost and look excellent. I will never go back to clunky frames again. Pictures: Two Towers Poster, Fight Club Poster, Poster Hanger closeup with overlap, cardboard used to keep hanger in place.