Published in Lycanthrope

by Mike Shea on 16 February 2006

I just received word that the anthology book, Lycanthrope, has been published. This book, published by Comstar Media and edited by Jennifer Andersen, contains my short story "The Bear", the story of a sheriff in a town who must confront a ruthless beast terrorizing his small town. The book is available from for $17.

The Bear was one of the first stories I wrote. It's a bit longer than most of the ones I write these days, hitting about 10,000 words. I had sent in the story long ago and received a wonderful detailed editing job by Jennifer. Now the book is finally available - and on Amazon! It may not exactly be landing a yarn in Fantasy and Science Fiction but who cares. I'm published!

When the contract runs out on the story, I plan to release it on the web under a creative commons license.