Quoted on Wired

by Mike Shea on 20 April 2005

I got quoted on Wired today in an article on SOE's new plan to facilitate the selling of items, money, and characters in Everquest 2. The article is called Sony Gets Real on Virtual Goods. Here's my good quote:

"There's going to be a lot of people who are really strongly against it," said Michael Shea, a longtime EverQuest player and writer for the fan site Mobhunter.com. "Most of the people who end up buying characters or items are really looked down upon.... They're not creating the same sort of social connections as someone who starts at level one and works their way up."

Here's the quote that makes me sound like a fucking idiot:

Shea said the EverQuest community reacted furiously when SOE conducted a survey a year ago asking for opinions on initiatives like Station Exchange.

"People were like, 'You money-grubbing bastards,'" Shea said. "People were saying, 'I'm quitting this game if that's the kind of company you are.'"I also wrote a breaking news article on Mobhunter called SOE to broker the selling of Items, Money, and Characters in EQ2.