Rumsfield Visits Iraq

by Mike Shea on 17 May 2004

"IRAQ - After meeting with U.S and coalition forces on Sunday, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld enjoyed some recreational time with the young men and women of the U.S. marines. He started by showing his Smirking Swan in in Flight, Open Mouth Eagle Claw (many soldiers commented on his "Matrix-like" speed), and Drunken Tooth-Monkey Scratching kung-fu techniques. Rumsfeld finished with a recreation of Michael Jackson's Thriller zombie-dance sequence. When one of the troops asked about his involvement at Abu Ghraib prison, Rumsfeld killed him with a vulcan death-pinch. "I learned that one from Nixon, you snot-nosed punk," said Rumsfeld."

I mock because I love. Of all of George Bush's administration of Terror, Don Rumsfeld is the only one I like. He speaks clearly and directly. He believes in his position. When he's not being a tool for Bush, he might be the best member of the cabinet we have.Post a Comment