Seven Swords Soundtrack

by Mike Shea on 26 May 2008

I love to build soundtracks for the stories I write. I've been tweaking a Seven Swords soundtrack ever since I started pondering the story about two years ago. I always wanted to write a story that combined all of my favorite characters from all my other Faigon short stories; Seven Swords was the way to do that and every good ripoff of a Kurosawa movie needs a good ripoff soundtrack. So below are all the tracks to the Seven Swords album complete with links to buy the songs from; all except "Ever Fallen In Love" by Nouvelle Vague which only seems to be available from iTunes. All of them are available gloriously DRM free.

I was just watching a clip of Heavy Metal on Youtube and it showed me how much music can affect good Science Fiction. Even the use of "All Along the Watchtower" for Battlestar Galactica added some class. I'm not sure my use of the songs below do justice to a Heavy Metal like soundtrack but I like to dream that it does.

Seven Swords is really meant to be a fun, fast, graphic-novel novel with great splashes of blood, lots of naked women, and, somewhere deep down, some good characters acting in relatively realistic ways. I don't know if it really meets this lofty goal, but at 40,000 words into the second draft with about 15,000 words to go, I still love this story. I guess that's enough.

On to the soundtrack.