Star Wars KOTOR: Xbox messiah?

by Mike Shea on 24 July 2003

Some positive reviews of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic have been showing up. Game Girl Advance noticed that it was the first time an Xbox game has showed up on the top ten list of Gamefaqs not to mention it is number one.

I started my new game when I got home and in about six hours I covered all the ground I lost when I played at Gary's place. It was good to start out again. I found two upgradable armor sets that I hadn't found the first time and I updated my character quite a bit.

An excellent guide on Jedi Guardian progression written by the elusive Sabermaster helped point my feat progression in the right direction. I am looking forward to five attaks a round with my uber-Guardian Jedi main character. He has maxed two weapon fighting, maxed flurry, and master force speed. One tough mofo. Having a three on three jedi fight is so much fun. Just seeing a battle start by having eight light sabers lighting up at the same time is very cool.

KOTOR got me fired up for D20 based role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons. With the open gaming legalities aside, it would seem that a bunch of kids with no money could get deeply into an excellent creative world without having to spend a dime. All they need is their imagination, some dice, and a printer. A D&D Players Handbook runs about $25, though, so I guess it was always cheap. I still miss my D&D days.

Gamespy released a Top 25 Smartest moves in Gaming article to be filed along with their Top 25 worst moments in gaming article they put out a few weeks ago. It was nice to see that Everquest made the first page even if that means it was #25.