Suing Breasts, Ratchet and Clank, Everquest Expansion and Champions of Norrath, Political Rants

by Mike Shea on 6 February 2004

We are one idiot lawsuit away from the destruction of the first amendment. A woman is suing Janet Jackson's breast. Will she sue her own mirror too?

I defeated Ratchet and Clank, Going Commando two days ago. A great game with a lot of replay value.

Microsoft is going to give out sex dolls, sorry "Otaku Full Body Hugging Pillows", with their Xbox in Japan. Here's a worksafe pic of the front and rear. God bless the Japanese. I feel so normal.

Everquest: Gates of Discord and Champions of Norrath are both coming out on February 10th. I calculated out the entertainment value of Everquest at less than eight cents per hour. For comparisons, Ratchet and Clank was $2 an hour, a movie in the theater is $4 an hour with no food and no date, renting a DVD is $1.50 an hour, and a paperback novel is about ten cents an hour.

Gamespy has a week-long special on Champions of Norrath including a review that stating that online play is clunky but the game is good overall. Metacritic gives Champions a score of 86 out of 100.

The BBC has written that It is trite and irresponsible to accuse violent video games of promoting crime

According to MIT, fan fiction helps kids learn how to write. Perhaps it can even help me if I'm not arrested for it.

Florida Lawmakers want the sale of violent video games to be a felony. Next having nipples will be a felony!