Switched to Movabletype

by Mike Shea on 19 December 2002

You've surly noticed a significant change in the MikeShea.Net homepage. I decided to move over to a new web-based blogging tool called Movabletype. While it requires a local install on some kind of PERL capable webserver, like the one I use on Pair.com, it is quite a bit more geeky than blogger, a good thing in my mind.

It has some significant improvements over Blogger. Better standards compliance, better support for templates and css, better feature scailability, many fancy features like the Google SOAP interface (the thing that puts those five links under each blog entry), and a more open development group.

The new MikeShea.net style is built upon one of their templates with a bunch of usability and accessibility mods of my own. The page can run with the exact same code on everything from IE 6 and Mozilla, to a Palm running AventGo and even a screen reader.

Movabletype a very cool tool.