Things that Grabbed Mike's Interest

by Mike Shea on 20 April 2003

17" Viewsonic HDTV LCD monitor with a 1280 by 768 resolution widescreen display. It could be the best way to watch HDTV on your desktop, or even better, the best Xbox monitor. A bit pricy at $900.

Speaking of the Xbox, the $20 per title Platinum Hits may be some of the best bargains in console gaming. I picked up Project Gotham Racing (hint, put in Nosliw as your driver's name) and already own Max Payne, both of which I would highly recommend. Morrowind, The Elder Scrolls has gotten some excellent reviews, but I can't see myself spending any real time with a console RPG as long as I am still jonsing for EQ. Oddworld looks promising too.

Speaking of platformers, I watched a wonderful documentary on Video Game history on my Tivo. It really got me thinking about how the entire world of console gaming at home owes its existance to three people: Nolan Bushnell - the founder of Atari, Shigeru Miyamoto - the inventor of Donky Kong, Mario Brothers, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox and other huge Nintendo hits, and John Carmack - inventor of Wolfenstein 3d, Doom, Quake and a pioneer of 3d technology that drives major hardware and software manufacturers to grow stronger.

The stuff about Miyamoto really got me thinking back to Nintendo days and wishing I had bought a Gamecube just so I could play Metroid, Zelda, Mario, and Starfox again. If the price drops or the deals get better, I may do just that.

What you learned from this article:

A 16x9 widescreen 17" LCD monitor may make the best video game monitor.

Mike still hate the idea of growing up. He'd rather think back to the golden days of Mario and Zelda than think about having to buy dirt.

The Game Cube may actually be a decent system but Xbox has a lot of hot games for $20.