Vote for Kerry

by Mike Shea on 17 May 2004

The more I sit down and think it over, the more questions pop into my head. I feel like a 10 year old who is just beginning to understand all the crazy stuff he sees on television. Here are my questions for the Bush administration:

  If we have found no weapons of mass destruction and little evidence of government support of Al Qaeda, why did we rush into a war with Iraq?

  How come when they bomb us its "terrorism" and when we bomb them its "shock and awe"?

  Why can Bush supporters offer their support in demonstrations along the motorcade while <a href="">Bush protestors go to "Free Speech zones"</a> over five miles away?

  Why are <a href="">private contractors shooting Iraqis</a> with bullets that would have them court martialed if they were US soldiers?

  Why is the <a href=";cid=679&amp;ncid=742&amp;e=14&amp;u=/usatoday/20040512/cm_usatoday/sternsraunchisbetterthansilence">FCC forcing radio</a> and <a href="">television programs to change</a> their content over the bearing of a breast? If every TV station on earth is <a href=";u=/040506/ids_photos_india_wl/ra2562693656.jpg">showing naked Iraqis on leashes</a>, a <a href="">woman pointing at a prisoner's penis</a>, and a <a href=";a=&amp;tmpl=sl&amp;ns=0&amp;l=&amp;e=1&amp;t=1084661070&amp;prev=2">man being beheaded</a>, why are they worried about <a href="">a nipple</a>? Why is the FCC now <a href="">going after cable</a>?

  If the "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism" or <a href="">USPATRIOT Act</a> is meant only to help us catch terrorists, how come it was <a href=";-table=Articles&amp;-response=wnpage.lasso&amp;-keyField=__Record_ID__&amp;-keyValue=9526&amp;-search">used against the ACLU</a> to prevent them from publishing a press release?

  How come <a href=";u=/ap/20040514/ap_on_re_us/gang_terror_charge_3">charges of terrorism are being added</a> to normal criminal charges against American citizens without any link to foreign terrorist activities?

  How come after three years in Afghanistan and over a year in Iraq we are still at <a href="">threat level Orange</a>? How many countries do we have to bomb before we can go to blue?

I'm not voting for Kerry because I think he's a great man. I'm voting for Kerry because he's not George Bush.

Oh yeah, happy birthday to me! I'm 31 today. Send presents.