Weapons of Mass Destruction: The Camera

by Mike Shea on 14 July 2004

Need a new reason to vote for Kerry or support the ACLU? Read this account of a man detained by DHS agents for taking photos at a park. I know of two other people personally who were approached by agents for taking pictures. Apparently cameras are a new Weapon of Mass Destruction. At least George Bush can find those.

Oh, I'm sure that is just one isolated incident. Doh, wait. It happened here and here and here and here. Don't take pictures of trains. Don't take pictures of boats. Don't take pictures of parks.

Today the weapon of mass distruction is a camera. Next week it may be the pen. A week after that, its your mind.

The current administration tramples our civil rights and feeds fear into us every day. They use 9-11 as an excuse for fascism. Bush tells us to live our lives, to not let the terrorists win by changing how we live and then takes away our civil liberties.

Join the ACLU and vote Bush out of office.