Xbox Media Center, Google API, Matrix Renaissance Part 2

by Mike Shea on 6 May 2003

Another article about Xbox breaking out of gaming. They spew forth the same garbage about "media centers" instead of gaming systems with rumors around a new Xbox Live update. The idea of using the Xbox to chat to friends isn't such a bad idea, anything to get away from ma bell. Still, I found the final quote to be the one of greatest importance:

Still, many see the console's biggest problem as a lack of strong first-party games, the type of "must-have" titles that sell hardware and generate significant profits.

Reading the book Google Hacks got me excited about the Google API. Using some fancy Perl modules including XML:SOAP and XML:RSS I was able to build the Google RSS builder using a true web service model. No hacks here!

The Matrix Anime movie The Second Renaissance Part 2 has been released. The 640x350 Quicktime Movie runs 140 megs but it is worth it. If you have not seen Second Renaissance Part 1. Grab that 130 meg one first. Both of these require Quicktime.