A Note to my Republican Friends

by Mike Shea on 1 November 2016

I think it's safe to say that none of us, Democrats or Republicans, expected to be where we are when it comes to US politics. Yet here we are.

I want to begin with a quote:

"We've already polled inside the Trump voters, and we know that we're going to carry 75 to 80 percent of those who are going to vote for Trump," he said.

Steve asked, "You think Trump voters are your voters?"

"Well, of course they are! Because I represent the ideas of preserving this country and the heritage of this country, and I think Trump represents that as well."

That's a quote from a former leader of the Klu Klux Klan, David Duke. He knows that Trump is helping him build his base. He knows that Trump's agenda supports his agenda, the agenda of "European rights" or by its true name, white supremacy.

Donald Trump is laying the foundation for institutional and legitimized racism. If a president has any power at all, they have the power of being a role model and the role he will be modeling is that it's acceptable to be a bigot—to jeer, mock, assault, and persecute those who aren't white men.

Do you want to be voting in the same direction as the former head of the KKK? Do you want to vote for a guy who retweeted someone with the user name "WhiteGenocideTM" not once but twice?

I cannot believe that you hold the same values as Trump. I cannot believe that you think he is a great representative for the country. And I know what you're saying right now: "well, neither is Hillary!". I know how you feel and I am not asking you to make that choice.

If you are a Republican, ask yourself if Trump really represents the Republican Party to you, the party you admire and the party you respect. Ask yourself if a vote for Trump is really helping you move the Republican Party in the direction you want it to go. Are you helping the party to which you belong or are you driving a stake into its heart?

You can make a choice on this election day. You can help steer the Republican Party back where it is meant to be or you can lay your morals aside and vote for the worst presidential candidate we may have ever seen.

As your friend I'm asking you to follow the advice of the former Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, and write in your best candidate. Follow the advice of Ted Cruz and the Pope and vote your conscience. Do what's right for yourself, for your family, and for our country.